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moved sensors
« on: April 24, 2009, 12:34:27 AM »
My hands have been really hurting this winter,  had a steroid injection in one ... so most of the winter I have been thinking of moving two  soil sensors so  I could have a bit bigger garden.  however.. I buried the cables in pvc and would have to either move the station and the shallower sensors or re bore the 24 and 36 inch sensor..

I bought a augar for my electric drill and had some issues with the soil either being too wet or dry to get a good bore, so today my hands felt well, the temperature was in the upper 70s and I gave it a try.. got the holes bored planted the sensors at the right depths and was going to let it set  and let nature water in the soil moisture sensors .. however, it must have been the good weather and hands felt good...   so I did the whole project, pulled up the old sensors (well the old sets are in the turf so I left them and now have them getting used to the soil.

Real depressing realizing 12 inches down we hit clay.. no wonder the fruit trees do well in drought here.. the roots hit that wet glop and get the moisture... away, tomorrow I probably will regret with sore hands.

I am using both Weatherlink , weatherlink IP, weather display and we are fine as long as the XP machine hold out in the basement.   Kind of happy right now..    supposed to rain this weekend.. Drake Relays..
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