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Weather Display for Windows manual
« on: February 07, 2009, 04:15:58 PM »
The current Weather Display for Windows manual is available in PDF format from

The manual has been generated from the ongoing work in the Weather-Wiki and as the copy from the link isn't generated automatically it may be a little out of date compared to the wiki content. Also as it is auto-generated it does contain some information which isn't really relevant in an electronic/printed document. Hopefully the wiki will be updated and tidied up as time goes on (hint hint to budding authors) and this will also improve the PDF manual.

The PDF manual can be printed locally, and it is possible to request a nicely printed and bound copy of it to be sent to you by a publisher (at extra cost). The manual in it's current form can be printed and delivered to the US or UK for approx US$15-17. I'm assuming it can be delivered elsewhere for a similar cost. Copies frm the publisher are only monochrome, so the diagrams and pictures don't appear in their full colour glory.
I've not looked at the Linux WD manual yet, but if that is in a state where it can be turned into a PDF I'll do that soon.
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