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Topic Definition
« on: February 22, 2004, 10:42:01 PM »
We spend a lot of time in this forum discussing the good points, bugs, feature requests and support questions for Weather Display, but I sometimes lose sight of the fact that we're probably all here because of a significant interest in the weather.

I thought it might be interesting to provoke some reporting of real weather conditions, and perhaps a discussion of how/why these have occurred.

Freaky weather might be...

    Raining Frogs
    Snow in the middle of summer in an arid desert
    Temperatures of 50degC in the middle of winter at the South Pole
    ...or just whatever seems odd for the time of year where you live. If you hear of freak weather conditions elsewhere in the world, feel free to add a report here. Try to report...

    1) What the conditions were
    2) Why they are abnormal, i.e. what are the normal seasonal conditions
    3) Where the report applies to, e.g. town, region, lat-long, country, etc
    4) When the conditions happened

    Lets see if we can get some interesting discussion going on the weather.
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