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Author Topic: Customised map problem - Nov 2008 to 7th jan 2009  (Read 1551 times)

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Customised map problem - Nov 2008 to 7th jan 2009
« on: January 07, 2009, 04:31:44 PM »
If you generated a customised MML map via the Management Centre between late November 2008 and 7th January 2009, please examine the map closely. It may have a white border on the left and bottom edge and not cover the complete geographic area you wanted. You will probably notice this as a missing part of the map in your MML display and also stations not being in the correct positions on the map.

If your map suffers from this problem, please regenerate the map again and upload it to your server. To do this, in the Management Centre, select the 'Map Management' option. Then for each affected map, select it from the drop down list and choose the 'Generate a map image for the selected map' option. On the following page, just click the 'Generate Map' button without making any changes. Within 15 minutes your map will be re-generated and you will be sent an email link to the new image. Download the image to your PC and upload it to your web site (renaming it if required).

This problem has only just been reported today, but I know there are some other examples of the problem from the last 5 days. Unfortunately I can't check back further because I only keep copies of generated maps for 7 days. I suspect that this problem may have started when I moved the systemn to the new server after the disk crash in the old server in late November 2008. The two servers appear to handle batch jobs in slightly different ways which is what lead to this problem.

Apologies for the problem and I hope that too many people aren't affected.

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