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Author Topic: Please Stay on Topic in this Forum  (Read 8832 times)

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Please Stay on Topic in this Forum
« on: May 14, 2008, 01:53:18 PM »
This morning I have deleted a number of off topic posts from this forum. Before posting here please pay attention to the Forum Description:

Discussions on how to forecast, or just spot significant weather trends. This board is not intended as a location for publishing forecasts, other than predictions to show how a technique can be used.

and the Administrators Forum Definition posting:

It's unlikely that any of us can afford the kind of computing power that's needed to do heavyweight national/international forecasting over long periods. However, there must be weather trends or specific conditions that some of us have spotted which might be useful to others in forecasting the local weather over short periods...or even longer periods.

If you've spotted any trends, record them here and start some discussion. If you know of any clever forecasting software (free or paid for) then mention it here. If you know of clever forecasting tricks with dried seaweed, let us all into the secret.

Thank you!