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Author Topic: Serial Number Error, Error Loading Configuration, Blank Page? READ THIS FIRST!  (Read 13758 times)

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Some webhosting services do not support live updating Flash like WDL. Hostgator does not support WDL. "Standard" hosting plans do support WDL but their "Static" plan does not.

If you are getting a blank page with no error message try uploading the .swf file again being sure to use BINARY mode FTP.

The license and serial number for WDL are specific to the exact domain for which you purchased it.

If you change your domain name then you will need to request a new serial number from the author.

If you requested a license for your domain name using the "www" prefix then that's the form of the URL to use for the WDL page, but accessing the same URL without the "www" will result in an error. For example works, but gives an "Error Loading Configuration" error.

Be sure that the correct form of the URL is used in the .html file to reference the configuration file. If the clientraw file locations are entered in the configuration file (optional) then those URL's should be consistent too.

If your website has a menuing system, e.g. the CarterLake templates, then check that the menu on each page points to the correct form of the URL for the WDL page.

If your site works for some users, or some PC's, but not others then check that all users and PC's are using the correct form of the URL.

If you want users to be able to access your WDL with or without the "www" then some setup is needed on the webserver to redirect users to the correct URL. See this post for one way to do the redirect using an .htaccess file.
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