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Author Topic: Paypal have mailed me to say my subscription has been cancelled. Why?  (Read 314290 times)

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I've had a number of emails recently from people who have had a message from Paypal to say that their WML subscription has been cancelled. The message is correct, but doesn't mean what you might think!

When you change your credit/debit card details on Paypal, e.g. when an expiring card is replaced, Paypal cancels all automatic renewals related to that card. That happens even if the new card has the same number as the old card and the only difference is a new expiry date. The cancellation of the automatic WML subscription renewal does NOT cancel your annual WML data subscription. That continues as normal until the end of your subscription year you have paid for. A few days before your subscription is due for renewal you should get an email warning you that it's expiring and you can then start a new subscription. You will have about three weeks from that point before the system shuts off your access, so you should have enough time to take out a new subscription if you want to.

To take out a new annual data subscription, do the following...

1) Log into the WML Management Centre at using your existing username/password.
2) Click on the 'WML Subscriptions' button.
3) Select 'Annual WeatherMap Live Data Subcription ($20/year)' from the the Membership Type drop down menu.
4) Click the 'Order' button and follow the process to make your new PayPal payment. Within 15 minutes your subscription should be live.
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