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Author Topic: wxnow.txt has extra newline  (Read 2337 times)

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wxnow.txt has extra newline
« on: May 24, 2007, 11:13:10 PM »
I am running version 5.5k under FC5.  I create a WXNOW.TXT which is then read across the network via a samba share by my Windows Vista machine running UI-View32.

The WXNOW.TXT was not being sent out to the APRS network, until I noticed an extra newline character in the file.  I use the follow perl program to strip out the extra newline and write out a wxnow1.txt, which then works fine with UI-View32.

Can this newline be suppressed within WD so that I don't have to run a cron every two minutes and run my perl program.

For reference, here is the code:


while (<>) {
        print; }