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Author Topic: Graphical filtering of available stations  (Read 54738 times)

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Graphical filtering of available stations
« on: October 28, 2006, 11:02:01 AM »
I've just implemented some new MML Management Centre functionality. I can't find the original post now, but someone said it was difficult to find stations to display on their map when the map covered a large area. Their available stations list had 2136 entries which made it almost impossible to find the station(s) they wanted. This took a while to do, but there's now a new graphical filtering mechanism for the available stations list :D

You will need...

1) Javascript enabled. I suspect most people already do because other parts of the MML system use it and no-one has complained yet. This new functionality uses a lot more JS than any other part of MML. You'll see why when you use it!

2) The URLs for your MML maps correctly defined/stored in the Management Centre. You knew there would be a good reason for being asked for this info didn't you!

3) Your image maps must be accessible for download by the MML server. If you have some protection in place to stop others accessing your maps directly then the MML server won't be able to download them for display.

If (2) or (3) aren't possible then you won't get the full effect of the new functionality, i.e. you won't see your map displayed on screen, but you should still see the stations displayed on a blank image.

Now, when you get to the page where you used to have two columns of stations to manipulate between 'Selected' and 'Available', you now get a colourful rendition of your map showing available stations (with colour coded types) and the stations you have already selected (red dots). On entry to this page, you will see an area selected in the centre of the map. The 'available stations' list now only shows stations which are in the selected area.

If the area is in the wrong place...just drag is somewhere else. If the area is too big/small, put your mouse cursor in the selected area, hold Shift down and re-size the area as big or small as you want. Alternatively, click on the 'Selection box size' drop down menu to select one of a range of sizes (including 'All' for the whole map). After moving or re-sizing the area, click anywhere in the yellow box and the page will re-draw showing the new map size and the list of available stations will be filtered to show only those in the new area.

You select stations in the same way you always have done...moving them back and forth between the 'Selected' and 'Available' columns. You can re-size/move the area as often as you like (remembering to press Yellow after you've done it) whilst selecting your station list for display. Click the 'Save Selected Stations and Continue' when you've got the selected stations list as you want it.

This functionality is useful for finding stations in parts of your map without any coverage. Just make the selection area quite small and put it over one of your map areas with no selected stations. You'll quickly find what the stations in that area are now that you don't have to spot them in a long list of stations.
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