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Author Topic: Missing data when extracting archive  (Read 2012 times)

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Missing data when extracting archive
« on: October 27, 2006, 08:24:52 AM »
Steve I had to shutdown to update WD and reboot PC running main WD and VVP. Although I shutdown WD and all its associated apps I did not close VVP, just did a W2K restart.

When WD came back up there was a hole in the received archive data, the last data from the archive was 08:44 and the first update after archive processing was 08:51. The 08:44 time was about the time I did the restart which took a minute or two to actually do everything (its a slow PC) I actually manually started VVP about 08:49 followed by WD about 1 min later.

Now I know that with my slow PC I will lose data while it processes the archive data which can take a few minutes if it is a large amount, but what puzzled me was the apparent whole in the archive data which I dont believe exists in the actual logger.

When I started up my test copy of WD it also had a hole in the received archive data from 08:44 to 08:51!