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How to report problems/bugs with WeatherMap Live (WML)


If you are having problems or would like to report a bug with WeatherMap Live (WML), please post a message in this board. This should be done for all WML related problems, i.e. whether they are with the WML Management Centre, WML licences or subscriptions, the full WML client or the WDL-WML/WML-Lite client built into WDL, or any problems with WML data collection from your weather station.

When you post a message about a problem please tell us as much as possible about your problem to help us to resolve it as quickly as possible. If you find more information out about the problem please add further notes to help identify the problem.

Please continue to discuss WML usage, configuration tips and ask questions in the WeatherMap Live Discussions/Questions board, but please don't report any problems in there.


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