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Author Topic: MML bug/problem reporting  (Read 6881 times)

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MML bug/problem reporting
« on: September 02, 2006, 10:02:43 PM »
I've been doing some work to integrate the Mantis Bug Tracker with the forum software and thanks to a very kind developer at the SMF support forum I've now managed to do this.

You should now report all bugs and/or problems with MML or the MML functionality built into WDL (WDL-MML/MML-Lite) in the Weather-Watch Mantis Bug Tracker at This will allow us to better track and manage any problems that arise. We will be using the same bug tracker to manage the development and beta testing of MML, so if necessary your bugs can go directly into the development process once they are logged in the Bug Tracker. The Bug Tracker will also avoid bugs getting lost by falling too far down the board index. We try to avoid that, but I'm sure bugs must sometimes disappear off the bottom of the page to be forgotten about. All bugs stay in the Bug Tracker until they are manually resolved/closed, so they can't get lost.

The Bug Tracker now uses your Weather-Watch forum registration details as your Bug Tracker account details. You should log into the forum before accessing the Bug Tracker. If you do this, you will be automatically registered in the Bug Tracker and then logged in. If you normally stay logged into the forum for long periods, e.g. days/weeks/months, you will need to log out and back in again before accessing the Bug Tracker. This will ensure your account is updated with the correct information for use by the Bug Tracker. Simply logging out and back in again will complete this process without any need for you to input more information.

Please do not post any bugs in this board from now on. If you do post a bug here, you will be asked to re-post it in the Bug Tracker. Similarly, please do not post questions about how to use/configure MML in the Bug Tracker. You should continue to use this board to ask such questions.

As always, we will try our best to respond to any problems or questions as quickly as possible...we hope to do even better now that we have the Bug Tracker to assist us.
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