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WXSIM 11.2
« on: August 12, 2006, 07:25:37 PM »
OK, so version 11.1 only lasted half a day! :-(

Version 11.2 and WXSIMATE Version 3.2 are up (  It fixes two bugs: first, the comparison feature now (as it did before 11.1) lets you select your WD log files' directory.  This bug had been caused by a single wrong character in my code: a 0 than should have been a 1.

The bug in WXSIMATE was that, when using the new WeatherLink (for those who don't have WD!) comparison option, the units were defaulting to Fahrenheit and Miles/Hour.  They now properly take on whatever unit choices you specify under "Customize/Units (for display here)".  The WL option requires prior use of WXSIMATE, so it's one small step more to do in some cases than using the WD option.

By the way, under the section on my web page "Who uses WXSIM", I've updated the maps with the sites.  If your a registered user, you should be able to find your site there as a yellow dot.

Let me know how it goes - and thanks for the support and bug reports!