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Author Topic: Enabling data.csv generation/export from Ambient VWS  (Read 13788 times)

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Enabling data.csv generation/export from Ambient VWS
« on: July 31, 2006, 11:46:49 AM »
If you use Ambient's Virtual Weather Station software (VWS) you can now contribute your data for display in MML. To do this, you will need to enable VWS to generate and then upload the 'data.csv' file to your web site. This process is described below.

When you have done this and checked that the file is uploading, use the MML Management Centre to set up data collection from your uploaded file. This can be set up using the 'VWS data.csv' button in the MML Management Centre.

How to enable data.csv generation and export from Ambient Virtual Weather Station (VWS)

1) From the top VWS menu select Settings>CSV Export

2) A dialogue box will come up. Ensure that "Create csv output file" is ticked. Enter the path for where you wish to store the file (i.e. "c:\vws\data") and the file update time frequency (in seconds). A value of "300" would update the file every five minutes. Click "Close". The data.csv file will now be updated at the rate entered above.

3) The next step is to set up the upload of data.csv to your webspace so that the MML server can capture it. If you want to use VWS FTP then the following applies:

4) From the top VWS menu select Internet>FTP UploadFile (Send)

5) Click on a "Browse" button that has an empty box to its left. Browse to the location where the local copy of data.csv is generated and highlight the data.csv file. Now click the "Load" button. The path of your local data.csv will now be in the lefthand box.

6) Now click on the righthand "Browse" button. On the new dialogue, click the login box. Enter your web server details in the boxes. Click "OK".

7) Browse to the directory on your webserver where you wish to upload data.csv. Click "Put". Click "Close".

8) Now click on the "Schedule" icon. Select "Interval" for Upload Method and then select your upload interval (preferably at least every 15 minutes). Now close the two dialogue boxes.

9) VWS will now upload data.csv to the desired location on your webserver at your selected upload interval.
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