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Author Topic: faulty wind and temp readings  (Read 1151 times)

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faulty wind and temp readings
« on: February 23, 2003, 02:44:07 PM »
Brian -

using a ws 2010 and with ver 9.57 am having trouble with correct readings...

@ 7:30 AM the current temp is 33.2 F
Max temp reading shows 50.0 F @7:59 AM (in the future)
Min temp reading shows 29.5 F @ 7:14 AM

the wind run has a problem also...
wind has been in excess of 20 all last evening and night, but windrun shows 24.5 miles...
readings show high gust of 32.9 and high in last hour of 30.2 with average wind speed of 25.5

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faulty wind and temp readings
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2003, 10:12:46 AM »
the in the future:
sounds like it didnt reset at midnight...
wind run...
hum, that does not seem correct...
i.e 20mph for 1 hour will give you 20mph windrun....
if you go to view, averages/extreme, the current average windspeed for the day you can convert to windrun, and compare...