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Author Topic: WS-2300,2310 Owners  (Read 7734 times)

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WS-2300,2310 Owners
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2003, 08:55:28 PM »
I had the odd very high wind reading and random direction with my 2300  that was driving me crazy, but I did find a solution that seems to have worked great for the last month or so...   I replaced the wind unit cable with a sheilded one  :)

Before, after a day I would always have a max console reading of 91.8 km/h, even if WD didnt log them, now I have the correct max reading after more than a month  :)

here is what i found about the unit...

The connection from the wind unit to the temp unit as standard is a 4 wire flat cable the connections are  ground, permanent power, a powerup control line for the direction sense and other power hungry bits of the unit, and a return data line...   every 3 secs or so the powerup line is enabled and this effectively causes the unit to send a single packet of data. Unfortunately the power control and data lines operate with quite high impedance circuitry, much higher than I would ever design with an unsheilded outside cable! (probably to conserve battery power when not base powered..)  What I believe was happening was the power control line was getting enough induced (interfering) voltage to occasionally power up the unit out of sync with the temp module causing corruption of data. I would like to add some buffering at each end of the cable, but hate having the unit not working...  replacing the cable seems to have done the trick for now and didnt take long   :D

Maybe this trick could help someone else with problems..?  can find the pinouts for connection of the cable sheild etc if anyone is interested..