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Author Topic: Setting up and installing a Vortex Inspeed anenometer to use with WD  (Read 9077 times)

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Thanks to BlueRick for this FAQ :)
How to install the Inspeed Vortex with Weather Display

Before you order, make sure where you are going to mount and order enough wire.  The Inspeed is prewired and ready to go.  Lorenzo has premade packages atr 25', 50', 75' and 100'.

Additional parts:
You will need to order the DB9 connector from Inspeed
If your computer doesn’t have a male DB9 connector you will need to buy a USB to DB9 / serial connector

The metal pole on the Inspeed is 7" long from the bottom angle

Mount the device and run the cable to your computer.
Go into your control panel, system and hardware and see which com ports are being used (write it down)
Attach the female DB9 from Inspeed (2 wires to connect to pin 4 and pin 6)
Attach the Inspeed DB9 to the computer or USB

Since I used the USB I had to load the USB drivers

The go into your control panel, system and hardware and see which com port has been assigned to the Inspeed.

WD set up – if only everything was this easy
Click Control Panel, then Com Ports
Put a check mark in the Vortex and set your com port

Say OK

When I set mine up, I left my 2310 wind sensor plugged in and put a paper towel in the wind sensor.  As soon as I left the Com Port screen, my Inspeed was recording wind speed every 1 sec in WD.  My 2301 is providing wind direction now and the Inspeed is providing Wind Speed.  I will likely remove my 2310, because I ‘m not concerned with the wind direction.

Mine mounted

(Pics now uploaded to weather-watch server)
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