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Station data collection error log
« on: January 12, 2006, 10:46:31 PM »
You can view data collection errors for your station in the MML Management Centre.

Use the 'Station Error Log' button to display any errors generated when the MML server has failed to either read or process data from stations using the WD (clientraw.txt) or Amateur Metar (metar.txt) data collection mechanisms. Some errors may be database problems on the server, or they could be down to the MML server having difficulty downloading the data from your site, or they might related to problems with validating the data in your report. The log shows all errors for your station in the last 7 days.

Take a look at your error log sometime. You might spot a problem with your site/data that you didn't know about (or more likely spot something on the server that I've missed!)

An explanation of some of the errors you might see...

Clientraw file at (URL) too short (0 chars)Most likely to mean that the MML server tried to read your clientraw.txt file when Weather Display was uploading a new version of the file. You can expect to see this fairly regularly (maybe 5 times per day), particularly if you upload the clientraw.txt file more frequently than once every 10 seconds. If you see this error very regularly (20+ times per day) then you may have a problem with your clientraw.txt uploads.
Clientraw not updated since last read: (URL)This either means that you upload your clientraw.txt file less frequently than the MML server is trying to read it (approx every 15 minutes), or that your system clock is wrong and your clientraw.txt file is putting the wrong date/time into the clientraw.txt file, or that Weather Display has stopped uploading your clientraw.txt file.
Bad Clientraw file format at (URL)This means that when the MML server tried to read your clientraw.txt file it didn't contain data in the expected format. This can be caused by the file becoming corrupted during upload, or occasionally by the web server responding with an error message, e.g. file not found, or re-directing the download query to an alternative page, or by adding a popup window when your clientraw.txt file is requested. The error contains the start of the text that was received when the clientraw.txt file was requested.

The occasional error is to be expected, so don't panic if you see a few errors per day. You should check for problems if you see many consecutive errors, or significant numbers (non-consecutive) of the same type of error.
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