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A new website
« on: December 27, 2005, 10:55:46 PM »
Man, this stuff is contageous! 

Having almost finished one website (waiting for some support on a linksys wireless web camera), I am chomping at the bit to start a new one.  A few questions:

1.  I plan to use server side includes a lot - for the menu system and for the copyright footer and anything else that appears on most pages.  That requires the extensions to be .shtm or .shtml.  It looks like the wx renaming series will only swap the file extension on the first four.   However, I would prefer to use PHP and it seems like I saw a post somewhere which either parsed from clientraw or another page on the site.  Since the clientraw, clientrawdaily, and clientrawextra files are sent up anyway, it seems like using those would cut down on the ftp traffic; which might be quite useful as I'd like to ftp up the graphs. 

Can someone refer me to the php file which parses the clientraw* data?  No point in reinventing the wheel, particularly when you can steal, er, borrow it!  (I always give credit!).

Also, fwiw, if anyone needs a decent navigation system and is willing to pay for it, I'd heartily recommend the systems from Project VII.  They include Tab Menu Magic (the latest), Pop Menu Magic, and MMI and MMII.  They are terrific and the support is absolutely the best.  The prices are reasonable, but they are designed for the trade.  They use CSS and Javascript and degrade nicely in older browsers. 


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