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Author Topic: ICAO codes in METARs  (Read 2056 times)

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ICAO codes in METARs
« on: December 17, 2005, 11:21:19 PM »
On initial release the MML Amateur METAR processor expected the METAR report file to either include a dummy ZZZZ ICAO code or no ICAO code at all. I've now changed this so that you can include a dummy ICAO code of your choice. The dummy code must be in the normal place in the METAR report, i.e. the start of the report, and must not include any space characters in it. So "BLACKPOOL" would be a valid dummy code, but "Marton Blackpool" would not be valid.

If you want to include a dummy ICAO code in your report, there is a new option that tells the METAR processor what to look for. When defining your METAR.txt data collection information in the METAR data collection option in the MML Management Centre, you will now see an option "File contains ICAO code?". Set this to 'Yes' if your report file includes a dummy ICAO code.

Please do not use real/allocated ICAO codes or codes which could be confused with real/allocated ICAO codes. This will avoid any confusion between 'official' airport METARs and MML Amateur METARs.
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