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Author Topic: What stations can I put on my MML map?  (Read 10126 times)

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What stations can I put on my MML map?
« on: November 30, 2005, 01:14:31 PM »
You're thinking of buying MML, but don't know what stations are available for maps of your area. How can you find out what is available for display?

As of November 2005 the MML service has data available from approximately 8000 stations worldwide. There are greater concentrations of stations in Europe and North America, but there are still many other stations in other parts of the world. If you would like to find out which stations are available in your area use this page

Note: stations may be listed as available on this page that won't display on your map. Stations listed here have provided data in the last 3 months, but data is only displayed on a map when it is less than 3 hours old.
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