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Author Topic: How to report WD bugs/problems  (Read 21458 times)

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How to report WD bugs/problems
« on: October 20, 2005, 11:42:53 AM »
If you have a bug with WD it is often very useful to know some basic information about the way your station and PC are configured. Unless it's very unlikely to be relevant to the problem, please include at least the following information when you report a problem.

- WD version, e.g. v11.66q
- Weather station type, e.g. Davis VP3++ with 2-wire anebobeter and 3-wire snow gauge
- PC operating system and brief spec, e.g. Windows Vista SP5 on 5GHz Zilog Z80 with 256GB RAM

There will be other more specific information about the problem that you'll want to include. Please try to provide as much relevant info as possible because it will often get you an answer even quicker than it currently does (even quicker than answers are already given!) Bugs reported as "WD won't upload" and no more information will be much slower to answer, because the first question will usually be...tell us more!

Please note that Bug Tracker is only currently used for tracking WDL, MML, Forum and web site problems. Brian uses the WD Forum boards for WD questions and reporting WD faults. There is no facility in the Bug Tracker for reporting WD faults.

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