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on the level?
« on: October 15, 2005, 06:56:03 PM »
I went outside ( historic)  and noted that the ISS unit of my VP1 looked a bit off level, so I checked it and of couse it was.  Even with all the screws wires bolts, it didn't take much to move it off center.  So I ended up dropping the mast to the ground ( slightly below the surface) adding a compensating length of mast to the top and restoring the ISS to its original height, the spending the remainin hour moving it back and forth until it was level in 2 directions both horizontal and vertical.  Took some work as some of the bolts had rusted a bit, but it is now level.  Also I leveled the UV and Solar sensors since I was out with the ladder.

Originally I wanted a cement pier for my telescope and one for this and the wife had a fit.  So I was smart in remembering not to mention this now.   The mast tripod is with 6 -6 foot threaded rods in the dirt and there is some shifting.  I am noticing that the runnoff fromthe garden is slowly burying the feet of the unit as well as the soil sensor pipes.   OH well...
Not a bad idea to check the level every now and then.   

Now for some ant cookies, yummmy :lol:
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