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Creating a basic web page FAQ
« on: September 30, 2005, 10:42:43 PM »
This is a very basic step by step walk through of setting Weather Display up to create and upload a basic weather web page.

In all instances of the use of a domain name we use "" you would need to use your actual domain name and proper extension, such as would be my domain and extension...

Note: This is intended for a very basic web page and we will not discuss customization in this FAQ.

Note 2: We cannot stress, too much,  asking your web host for some of the information required below as hosts vary widely in their "default" settings.  index.html may be the default setting for most hosts it is by far not universal.

The information you will require that is best supplied by your host is as follows:
FTP Host:
FTP Username:
FTP Password:
Path to web files directory:

What is default "Home page" in any directory, ie... index.html, index.htm, home.html and so on.  Your host will be able to tell you what their standard "home" page naming should be.

Ok lets get started :)

Step One:

On your Main Weather Display Desktop is "Action" press that:

This will produce a drop down listing of Actions, select "Web page Creation Wizard" and press it:

Step Two:
You will then see a POP up box that descibes what you will be doing

After pressing "OK" you will see another:

Next you will see the following:

If your Computer is connected to the Internet (in any manner) 24 X 7 select this, if not don't

FTP Host name (Note 2): This you will have to obtain from your web host provider, generally something similar to:

3 - 4
FTP Username and Password:  Again these will generally be assigned to you by your web host provider
(Whatever you use for regular FTP purposes will be the same)

Remote Directory (on the FTP site) (Note 2):  This is highly dependent on your web host and usually it is best to either ask or refer to the set up information provided to you when you set up your account under any FTP information provided.
Some hosts may allow you to leave blank and you would automatically drop your files into the web accessible location, many will require a path no matter where you are placing the files.

A path would look something like:

Make sure "Use Weather Display's own FTP" is ticked.

Most hosts appear to either require Passive or it doesn't matter so usually using Passive is best and you would want to leave this ticked for now.

Must be Turned "ON"

Press "Save" (do not press OK):

Step Three:
Then click on the tab immediately to the right of "Connections" called "Web files Upload times and Av/Ext"

Select some time intervals to update your site.  In this example I used 30 minutes and you will see the times listed in the right hand text box after pushing one of the time interval selections.

This is for those that may run WD all the time but do not want to actually update their site at night.

Press "OK"

Step Four:
You will again see a POP up box explaining what to do next:

Then after pressing OK:

Weather Station File Name:  This will be the file name for your main weather page.  If it is to be the default file when anyone goes to your web site or within the subdirectory you are using then call it "index" (Note 2) all lowercases.  If it is not to be the default file then name it anything you want, all one word and it will be cASe sensitive on most servers

Examples:  If you name it index and upload to your main web folder then when you enter:  you would see it immediately.

If you name it "WeatherDisplay" then it would be:

Caution: If you have other content on your web site using "index" as a file name would overwrite any existing "index" file so caution is needed here.

Title of Web Page: This is what will be displayed in your top Browser bar when you are looking at the page.  Such as right now you will see "Creating a web page FAQ" in your Browser top bar.

Use .html instead of .htm: The default setting is to create a file named with the .htm setting and in the beginning it is best if you leave this as is.

Your page would then be located as index.htm or WeatherDisplay.htm (based on the example noted in 1

Press "OK"

Step Five:
You will see another POP Up discussing what is next:

After pressing "OK" you will see:

Title for weather summary image:  This will be the name displayed on your Weather Summary Image.

Press "OK"

Step Six:
You will then see another POP up, this pop up will actually create and upload your files for the first time when "OK" is pressed...

Then another Pop Up:

And after pressing "OK" then you will see the FTP Log, which for now we will not go over, better left for another FAQ. Note: Your FTP log can be very handy when trouble shooting...

Press "Close" on the FTP Log and you will see, guess what... yep another Pop up:

Press "OK" and then you will see...

You guessed already didn't you?  Another Pop Up:

After Pressing Ok then you will see the Internet File settings:

For now Do Not Touch - Leave Switch "OFF"

Click "Cancel"
Finally Done

Now you should open up your web site in your Browser and find your New Weather Page :)

You will note that for the most part we just left all the default settings and didn't discuss individual possibilities as there are so very many.  You can come back and make changes at anytime.

To adjust your FTP settings or your Upload intervals:
"Control Panel - Web site configuration - FTP/internet/metar/email/report/connections/server setup"

To adjust your Web Files setup:
"Control Panel - Web site configuration - Web files/web page Real time FTP/SVG/WDL Custom Web page"

To adjust your Summary Image settings:
"Control Panel - Station Setup - Summary image/Icons"

To access your FTP Log:
"View - Logs - FTP log"

I suggest making one change at a time and then observing the effect and then go to the next adjustment...

Hope this helps you get started.

Note: Any discussion regarding this FAQ should be conducted in the "Questions" forum:,7.0.html
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