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Author Topic: Saving Settings/Configuration Files for Troubleshooting  (Read 28809 times)

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Saving Settings/Configuration Files for Troubleshooting
« on: September 01, 2005, 01:50:22 AM »
To diagnose some problems it may be necessary to send your Weather-Display configuration files to the programmer (Brian, aka Windy, aka The Big Kahuna) so that your setup can be duplicated and tested. The functionality to do this is built into Weather-Display and this FAQ describes the simple procedure.

In Weather-Display select Actions, Back up registry entry

After you have done this look in your C:\wdisplay\databackup directory and you should see fresh copies of the wdisplay.ini and wdisplayftp.reg files.

Email these two files to If you are sending the files in response to a request in this forum please include your weather-watch user name and a link to the thread.

Some mail systems may be locked down from sending a file with a .reg suffix, in this case either use WinZip or similar program to add both files to a .zip file or change the suffix to .regg or similar bogus extension.

Update: Please zip the files before emailing them to me, otherwise they are stripped out by outlook express

For the Mac version, the settings files are WDISPLAY.INI and wdisplayftp.ini, in the WeatherD application bundle (right mouse click), contents, MacOS folder.
For the Linux version its those same files but they are found where WD is installed
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