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WD Bug Reports / Re: Time formatting for All Time Records
« Last post by decix on Today at 10:07:21 PM »

The data log shows the temperatures on 25 May 04:00 - 05:00 (24 hr clock) to range between 11.2 & 11.9C.  As these are 1 minute averages, the anomaly would require a momentary temperature spike to 27.6C which seems improbable.  In contrast, the temperature range for 16:00 - 17:00 is between 26.9 & 27.6C.

I also see similar issues with
  • max baro pressure (day 8 11:18 vs day 8 23:19)
  • min baro pressure (day 11 05:24 vs day 11 17:27)
  • min humidity (day 3 01:28 vs day 3 13:29)
  • max rain rate (day 27 02:51 vs day 27 14:52)
  • max windspeed (day 27 03:42 vs day 27 15:44)

 The differences are around 12 hours and so consistent with the suggestion of an AM/PM and 24hour format problem in the All Time Records display.
Chatter / Re: UV index
« Last post by bitsostring on Today at 10:03:39 PM »
Very impressive, Devil. You at least were proactive, I just helped to measure the ozone!

Re UV index, UK is not expected to exceed 8 very often - especially this far north. But certain clouds allow "amplification", just as with other solar radiation.
WD Questions / Re: Really basic bugs that I cannot solve
« Last post by Cliffb on Today at 08:34:55 PM »
Yes I was playing with fonts and font sizes trying to get it all to fit..
I'll look at those other settings
and see how it goes
WD Bug Reports / Re: Time formatting for All Time Records
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 08:32:10 PM »
the logfile uses 1 minute average of the temperature
but the all time records is instantenous record

but WD does not set that 1 minute average to be the max if that max was the days max, in a more recent version (e.g build 49)
make sure to update any URL's in the .xml and .html code to include the https instead of http
WD Bug Reports / Re: Time formatting for All Time Records
« Last post by NorCal Dan on Today at 07:27:32 PM »
It appears one time is listed without AM/PM and the other is in 24hour format.  04:06 would appear to be 04:06AM and 16:06 would be PM.
Weather Station Equipment / Antenna for Boltek Stormtracker PCI
« Last post by ts20 on Today at 05:42:38 PM »

Today the first few Thunders were heard for the season.
I checked my computer, but nothing was detected there. 
Suddenly I understood that there were absolutely no response in the Lightning detection software Nexstorm from Astrogenic.
There are no errors, as far as I can see, but even if I disconnect the antenna, no alarm or warning.

Then I tried the Lightning/2000 V4 which I have not used for years. This one did not even find the PCI-card...
I have upgraded to Win10 64bit last year, I suppose Lightning/2000 is not being supported any more and might not have the correct Win10 drivers?

And checking at Boltek, I was not able to find any good News either that might help me, just bad; the PCI-card is not produced any longer, discontinued last year.

The antenna itself is warm as it always have been. When I have tested before, I just shorted a 1,5V battery close to the antenna, this gave before lot of noise, but today absolutely nothing. I also changed the cable without luck. :(

Is there any way to test the antenna for Boltek Stormtracker?

Since the antenna is expensive, and this Boltek detector is discontinued, I would like to test the Antenna I have before spending close to USD 150.

If any Norwegians reading this and have Boltek system, I would like you to test my antenna on your system!


indeed, I'll ty to fix this, subtile issue ... didn't see it. I'll keep you posted !
WD Bug Reports / Time formatting for All Time Records
« Last post by decix on Today at 04:12:32 PM »
I've been using Weather Display V10.37S38 (Win 10) and have noticed that recent entries in the the View>All Time Records display appear to have incorrectly formatted times.

For example, from the current month, the highest temperature (27.6C) is reported as occurring at 04:06 on 25 May 2017.  However, the data log shows this temperature actually occurred at 16:06 on that day.

I've now upgraded to V10.37S49 but I'm still seeing the same problem.
Dear Team,

I suddenly get seriam number error,
while the site is online since 2002 and never had any issue
I didn't change anything on my site the last half year
please advice

kind regards!
Your provider changed your http site to https
If you click your site url above your will end at
Therefor the  WDL FLASH script needs to be updated.
Download a new version and probably the problem is gone.

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