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WD Questions / WD Maximum Rain Rate
« Last post by westhillman on Today at 07:58:47 AM »
Having observed the behaviour of the Maximum Rain Rate in WD over some time, I have to say that it has only novelty value for much of the time. Here is a typical example. My rain gauge showed a 0.2mm tip at 0104h this morning followed by another 0.2mm at 0130h.  I have WD running on both my computers, one in server mode and the other in client mode.  Server mode WD decided that the Max Rain Rate was 34.29mm per hour at 0104h, whereas the Client mode WD (using the same data) decided that the Maximum rain rate was 11.74mm at 0211h, when the rain had become more persistent. I have included a screen shot of graph for clarity, but this behaviour of the Rain Rate in WD is entirely typical.
Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: yowindow
« Last post by Bunty on Today at 05:34:02 AM »
For an apparently popular site I'm surprised that they haven't updated yet  :?

The same with wunderground.
re the .zip update on xp
you need to unzip to where you have WD installed already (xp compatible version)
and run from there
normally you would be using a usb to serial adaptor and driver
and then windows allocates a comport for that (e.g com 3)
OK, there was a bug, I have fixed it, use the latest .zip update
I have checked the code and a negative offset should work
but I will test here and report back
maybe you have an offset set on the envoy?
Greetings Brian,

Build 53.

I had checked quickly the contents of the ini and didn't see anything risky to post - Lat/Long perhaps, but then they'd fall into my booby traps... kidding. The I/Ps are local and not accessible from the web. The file is removed.

The Davis console isn't connected to a data logger or PC, it's the Envoy. I checked with WeatherLink that it was kmh as well. The offsets worked in 10.37R, but they don't seem to with 10.37S,at least when negative which is what I need.

I could always roll back WD and see if the problem remains, just in case the Envoy was compromised by the shorting sensor. Davis gave me fantastic customer service, as their web site was in error and the 7817 temp sensor was not compatible with the Envoy. They've corrected their web page and are sending me a free 6475 - wonderful!

Custom Templates and Scripts / Re: Meteotemplate - new free website template
« Last post by Jachym on June 22, 2017, 10:40:10 PM »
No problem, I know it is sometimes confusing when there is a block and similar plugin, the plugins are always sort of more detailed and blocks are more like "partial plugins" which can fit in a small space and summarize the most important thing, in this case the sea temp.
Custom Templates and Scripts / Re: Space Weather addon page for WD-AJAX-PHP-USA
« Last post by Budgie on June 22, 2017, 10:25:13 PM »
Now that NOAA has changed over to using https for some of the images & links used in the Space Weather addon page, I've updated the script to V1.5.
You'll need to update if you're seeing errors on the EIT 284 & EIT 304 images and the latest aurora images aren't showing.

This is what I've put in the change log:
Version 1.5 - 22-Jun-2017 by Martin Collins (Budgie)
- updated image URL's for NOAA Website in the following files:
- updated URL's for NOAA Website & Mauna Loa Solar Observatory in the following files:

The full v1.5 script is attached below.

Custom Templates and Scripts / Re: Meteotemplate - new free website template
« Last post by Dujon on June 22, 2017, 10:11:14 PM »
Righteo, Jáchym, I see your point. Hrmph.  :oops:
For Sale / Re: Lightning detector "wanted"
« Last post by niko on June 22, 2017, 09:01:19 PM »
Good job mihec  :D
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