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Thanks Ken....I tried your revised http:// link but situation is the error message from Win 10 in both Edge and Chrome is that the http:// link will not work within an iFrame....seems to be an issue related to security.

Any other ideas or maybe I need to revise the page and the way I present the txt file...

Appreciate the help

New Block – Marine U.K.

Hi guys,

this block shows data from available ships/buoys around the U.K., and loads the available parameters (this varies and includes air and sea temprature, wave height, wave period, wind speed etc.) over the last 24h.


It's no great drama, Jáchym, but has the seaTemp v2 plug-in been added to your download section? I downloaded it today and it's definitely v1.


Hi John, yes thats correct, I never updated the sea temperature "plugin" ;)

WD Questions / Re: crash pc and hd wd reconstruction
« Last post by meteo on Today at 12:20:31 PM »
Hi Brian,

$dateoflastrain = "%dateoflastrain%";

$dayswithrainyear = "%dayswithrainyear%";   // Days with rain for the year

May be custom tags that I do not recall how to recover... :-(

Thanks regards.

-= Guy =-
The problem still exists despite using WeatherLink to ensure the Envoy was set correctly still.

WD Bug Reports / Re: Upload past data to Wunderground doesn't work
« Last post by GianniVermote on Today at 09:06:24 AM »
Nobody? Tried everything but it doesn't work
if you run the acurite.exe program, where WD is installed, on the win 7 pc, does that get data ? (with the usb cable plugged into that pc)
WD Questions / Re: Broken humidity sensor
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 04:36:19 AM »
getting a new sensor is one solution I would have thought
but otherwise .zip and email me your settings files and the raw data file for the campbell station (donation to the cause would not go amiss)
WxSim / Re: WXSIM 2017 Build 1.1 Released!
« Last post by saratogaWX on Today at 03:40:46 AM » is running the update also (and working fine).

Thanks, Tom!
I've got an old machine running WD 10.37 b25 and using the Acurite 1025 5in1 sensor.  The machine is failing (XP machine), and we're moving it to a new machine (Windows 7).

The WD 10.37 b25 wont start on the Win7 machine complaining about missing DLLs.

Using WD 10.37S b53 on the Win7 machine starts up correctly, and appears to have loaded my configuration.  The first time it started, the VIS reader crashed (the console was not plugged in at the time)  Examining the Sensor config, it still reports Acurite as my sensor, but when I plug in the USB cable to the new machine, it doesn't get any data.  Reboot, and no change.  Moving the USB cable back to the old machine, and data start flowing right away.

I noticed the Youtube video and watched that.  When I select the Acurite from the config, or when I select something else, and the reselect the Acurite sensor, the VIS Reader does not appear like it does in the video.

Any suggestions?

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