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8 )  Noticed that 'Gust Needle Colour' button in Universal Setup doesn't work.
some things do not work on the linux version, like that

if you want it to be exactly like the windows version then I cant help you

the data extraction should work though, I will do some testing here
 it could be a web file
e.g a web cam image that you using, e.g for the main screen icon

that is where I would start looking..

WD for Linux / Re: new version of WD linux , similar to WD Mac version
« Last post by GrantK on Today at 02:21:02 AM »
... continued from last post.
7)  WD restarted normally and I continued my setup, duplicating settings from my Windows installation.
8 )  Noticed that 'Gust Needle Colour' button in Universal Setup doesn't work.
9)  Enabled 'Display Windrun on Main Screen' and noticed that it overwrites Solar and UV, which is disappointing (see attachment).  The Windows version can show both.

Apart from the Data Logger issue, these faults are pretty minor.

Brian:  This is an excellent improvement to the WD family and I am very grateful for your efforts.
If these things can be fixed I will register my Linux copy and pay the appropriate fee.
WD for Linux / Re: new version of WD linux , similar to WD Mac version
« Last post by GrantK on Today at 02:13:19 AM »
... continued from last post.
5)  WD wouldn't run after aborting the Data Logger Extraction window so I exited, to find a large number of error messages waiting for me in the terminal window (see attachment).
6)  Restarted WD and disabled Data Logging so I could continue my testing.
... continued in next post.
WD for Linux / Re: new version of WD linux , similar to WD Mac version
« Last post by GrantK on Today at 02:10:57 AM »
I'm very pleased to report that WD for Linux is mostly working on my Intel NUC with a couple of minor bugs noticed and an issue with the data logger.
Starting from the beginning:

1)  I confirmed that my FTDI USB to RS-232 converter was being recognised by Ubuntu and /dev/ttyUSB0 is present.
2)  Started WD and was very pleased to see that polling started immediately with good data packets being received and the data counter incrementing.
3)  Then enabled data logging and restarted WD.
4)  It was here that things started to go off the rails a bit and the 'Davis VP History Data Extraction' window never did anything, just staying there until I clicked 'Abort'.  See attachment for screen shot.
... continued in next post.
I did reboot it a lot of times. was keeping crashing. So I moved the directory to an extra computer that I have. It was doing it on that one also. Till I removed all the saved data files that are in the datafiles directory. now it is working on the extra computer that I have. But that one now has no saved data.
yes, everything default (i.e like WD starting up new, no settings)
that is some sort of memory error
maybe try rebooting the pc to clear things out
I do not see those errors
i wonder if its associated with screen resolution maybe?
since it references gdk width?

Yes I am thinking the same thing or something along those same lines. As I stated before, all other applications work with broadway so it has to be something unique to my hardware or monitor - why I mentioned video driver.   Anyway, I am out of town for the weekend but will investigate further when I return. One question, when running with broadway do you have weather display set to the default screen size from the screen size menu?
WD Questions / wdfulldata.xml
« Last post by gocar2013 on Today at 12:17:16 AM »
Hello to everybody !

I have a question concerning wxfulldata.xml
Since some time I am experiencing problems in extracting datas
If I write page in html with front page and I open preview : no problem all datas are extracted from wxfulldata.xml
but if I open exactly the same page with explorer, chrome or firefox no data come out
I have changed all security settings in tools with 3 browsers but nothing. It is a mistery
So strange.
Is there someone who can help me to solve this problem ? I am going to get crazy
I enclose screenshot from Front Page where all datas appear and screenshot from browser where there is no data:
Here below I indicate source code used in html to get data from station:


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<title>New Page 1</title>

<XML ID="dsoCityST" SRC=""></XML>


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