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ISYM Google translates "years" as "léta" and "5 years" as "5 let" - but - going the other way it translates "yet" as "flight"  :roll:

"léta" is very general and it also means "summers"

In general you can sometimes use more terms (Czech is extremely rich in synonyms, almost every word can be said several ways :D)

1 rok (always)
2,3,4 roky (2 léta - rarely)
5 roků / 5 let (both common)

year = rok
years = roky / léta (both mean the same thing, but there is an extremly subtle difference in when you are more likely to use one or the other, "léta" is more in words like the "the 70s" - 70.léta, or "his best years" - "jeho nejlepší léta". "Roky" is more like "2 years", "3 years". I guess it is becoming very confusing for you isnt it :D Oh.. and we dont use apostrophes so they are not easy to type (have to use an ALT+... combination, which is very slow and so I omit them when typing in English too :D)

Our keyboard has also some extra characters we use:
ě š č ř ž ý á í é ů ú ď ť ň ó

If you ever feel like learning Czech let me know :D
Custom Templates and Scripts / Meteotemplate - Block Update - Summary 5.4
« Last post by Jachym on Today at 09:29:31 PM »
Block Update - Summary 5.4

Hi guys,

problem with the fact someone thought it would be funny to have months and days in the week in English capitalized is solved :D

Enjoy ;)
ISYM Google translates "years" as "léta" and "5 years" as "5 let" - but - going the other way it translates "yet" as "flight"  :roll:
I know this will never be perfect, Czech is a great example... it is actually very difficult language.

Another example... imagine the phrase X years

Simplest would be inserting the dynamic number and followed by the translation of "year"

More sophisticated solution would be checking the number and if it is just 1, then use singular, in other cases plural. This is more code, but should work. Well... not really... check this out:

In Czech:
1 rok
2 roky
5 roků or 5 let

and we have a problem.... If you say "5 roky", everyone will of course know what you mean, but it would probably sound to us something like "1 years"
WD for Linux / Re: Error while loading shared libraries
« Last post by Jeremy on Today at 06:57:12 PM »
The 32 bit program can run on Ubuntu 64 bit and this should work in Linux Mint or Elementary OS as well.  You just need to install some 32 bit libraries to make it work.

./WeatherD: error while loading shared libraries: libusb-0.1so.4: cannot openshared object file: No such file or directory.

Is caused because it is looking for the file in /lib/i386-linux-gnu which can be installed by

sudo apt-get install libusb-0.1-4:i386

I also had to install another package with

sudo apt install libgtk2.0-0:i386

Because of this error: ./WeatherD: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

The last error you had was ./ line 14: ./WeatherD: No such file or directory.  That is either because the WeatherD is no longer present or doesn't have the executable bit set

I did find it to be a mistake to use sudo ./ as it messes a lot of permissions up so I deleted the original folder and extracted a new one
Yep, there's always something new...

So I thought I would try google translate  :roll:  I opened the demo and google wanted to translate it from Afrikaans to English  :?  Once I told it to do English to German and compared it to the German demo it appeared to do quite a good job.
In summary... I learn all the time. I cannot emphasize more that I am NOT a programmer or have any formal IT education, never attended any course, bootcamp or class. I learn by trial and error method and so I would say that everything goes through these stages:

1. I learn something and think it might be useful (or more often, I think of something and go find how it could be done and learn how to do it)
2. I implement it
3. after some time, while looking at something else I discover even the previously made thing could be done better - I am now in a situation where I know how to do it better, but I don´t know how to implement it in such a way that the current mechanism can somehow be changed without the user starting from scratch or more often, other scripts depend on it, so I have to find way to make the change and maintain in compatible with the rest
4. I finally get to the stage where I know how to make it compatible and easy to transfer and implement it
5. and some more time passes and we are back to point 3... and this goes indefinitely :D :D :D blocks, plugins,.... every day :D

At the beginning I also worked like "it works great" - that was the goal. Now it is also more a bit like "it works, great, but it is also efficient, flexible, compatible with various things and fast"

When I try to redo the pages I did right at the begninning it is sometimes a nightmare and I dont even understand why I did some things and because I previously didnt make any comments in code it takes ages and I usually just look at the final result and start over... very often you dont see many changes, but there is like 90% of the code totally different :D
Over the past almost 2 years, you sort of discover things that did not occur to you and only became obvious once you get dozens of same suggestions or problems. The template constantly develops, also in the backend, if I was to start over today, I would do many things differently.

Great example is the config.php. I would design it much differently today and this is the core file with all the settings, which is like this since v1. Would it be easy to redo? Actually yes it would. Can I do it? Well here we go... if I changed it the way I would do it today, each user would have to go through all the settings again. So can I do it? Yes and no... And I basically have to do compromises all the time.

Someone asks for more possible customizations - you add them - other people tell you they would rather easier setup, with less options, but less time to get it up and running.

updates.... minor more frequently? Major less frequently? I made a poll, results? 12:14

etc etc...
Interesting, it sure can be a challenge...
Custom Templates and Scripts / Meteotemplate - Translations
« Last post by Jachym on Today at 06:14:48 PM »
Meteotemplate - Translations

Hi guys,

in the Blog I just posted some important information about translations in general. If you are intersted you can read it to better understand how this works and why things are the way there are :-)
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