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WD Questions / Re: Solar anomalies in WD
« Last post by Devil on Today at 07:25:03 AM »
Thanks, Brian. It would be great if you could do that; I'd be very grateful. However, it is not just on the WH system that it happens, but also the Davis over several years. In fact, as I write (on a different computer; the weather one is dedicated), I've just seen a typical glitch on the Davis system as per attachment. This is a short one over 2 minutes, but I've seen occasional glitches lasting up to an hour, on both systems. On the attachment on the message of 24 April 2017, 14:13, there is a -hour one.

Can you please make me a happy Devil? :evil2: :evil2:
WD Bug Reports / Re: Wind Speed error on WD every morning at 00:30
« Last post by rhansme on Today at 05:28:08 AM »
I've updated to the latest version. Will see if it helps in the morning.
Chatter / Re: New up and coming weather station, 'Weather Flow'
« Last post by breck on Today at 05:21:59 AM »
Comes it with its own tank i believe   :lol:
WD Questions / Re: What version of wd works with hb 1 wire Lightning
« Last post by MichaelPT on Today at 12:27:41 AM »
seems to be a bit of confusion here between needing to know the version of the separate HB 1 wire reader and or the version of WD?
the HB 1 wire reader does have provision for a lightning counter ROM ID
do you have that setup and does it report that its found it etc, and then also make sure you have set in WD, in the 1 wire setup, that you have a 1 wire lightning sensor


yes hb1wire reader  has found the  rom

In the graph settings when I set  the minimum lightning  counts  to 5 it shows  as actual lightning counts
The logfile is empty

Please see images hope they help

Thank you
Custom Templates and Scripts / Re: Flyout-Menu and ASPX
« Last post by evets-md on April 25, 2017, 09:43:37 PM »
Thank You Niko & Paul....that seemed to fix it!
Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: wxgraphs issue
« Last post by niko on April 25, 2017, 09:34:14 PM »
If you browse directly to one of the graph url's like  there are errors reported. No GD is a total showstopper  :(

Notice: Use of undefined constant IMG_PNG - assumed 'IMG_PNG' in /home/tmuscat0188/public_html/jpgraph-4.0.2/src/ on line 282
JpGraph Error: 25001 This PHP installation is not configured with the GD library. Please recompile PHP with GD support to run JpGraph. (Neither function imagetypes() nor imagecreatefromstring() does exist)

Creating Weather Web Sites / wxgraphs issue
« Last post by melliehaweather on April 25, 2017, 09:28:13 PM »
I used to have JPGraphs and WXGraphs working just fine. However I had to migrate to a new server and I cannot get these to show the graphs.

I have double checked all the settings and pointers to the relevant directories but to no avail. I have been through the well written instructions here too

Any idea what may be wrong?
Chatter / Re: New up and coming weather station, 'Weather Flow'
« Last post by bitsostring on April 25, 2017, 09:21:11 PM »
Was the receiver hardened against EMP too, or are they not allowed to tell you?
WD Questions / Re: Adding NOAA alerts to sound file?
« Last post by GSD2016 on April 25, 2017, 08:58:23 PM »
Ah I was thinking about that but had never tried the custom stuff yet. I just was not sure.

Thanks Brian.
Custom Templates and Scripts / Re: Flyout-Menu and ASPX
« Last post by niko on April 25, 2017, 08:02:46 PM »
The link text on your flyout has a semi-colon at the end, that appears to be what is messing it up.
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