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Greetings Brian,

it does look into indeed corrected, but I'll need to collect for more hours as after last night's thunder storm, it's rather quiet. I'll also go out with a calibrated hand held anenometer to verify it.

Cheers & thank you for your support.
WxSim / Re: WXSIM 2017 Build 1.1 Released!
« Last post by Breezy on Today at 12:45:15 PM »

Tried your update this morning and it bombed out. During the install I got a message that it could not move some files. The option to "Retry, Cancel, Ignore" popped up and like a dummy I selected "Ignore". Wret and Wxsimlite still open OK but Wxsim and Wxsimate will not load. I get a message that Windows can not locate the device, path or file.I'm stuck. Any ideas?  #-o


Hi Simon,
I think I can help, though in the bad books and must run.
The Yorkshire Wife is calling me, 26th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and I have to make up for working late last night and all day today.
Will put some info together sometime tomorrow and email it to you.
Must run, have a good night (-1c yesterday) first low for the year was on the cusp of Winter Solstice.
Have to take some wood in for her in doors for the fire, before I end up sleeping in the top paddock with the Wiltshire Horns (sheep).
Kind regards,
Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: Who's Online Script - Pin Alignment
« Last post by cansics on Today at 12:28:31 PM »
Great, thank you chaps. It's the theme that rapidweaver is using which is breaking so has to be down to css.

The actual script is running fine but breaks when I embed it :-

Ah, the joy of css :-)
Block Update – Twitter Feed 2.0

Hi guys,

if you are logged in as the admin you will see a new button at the bottom of this block “Post current”, which when you press it will post the current conditions to your Twitter feed.

Hi Simon,
I noticed your Units (top right) do not have any text against the radio buttons, not sure why.
I also noticed that your Info Icon below the "Graphs" menu button is missing, this is due to missing fonts.
When I get a chance tomorrow I will zip all mine up and email to you, I think I still have your email address, send me an email if you have changed it.

I attached an image of same script running on my home network using the Saratoga template, also have it on my php version of the CumulusMX template.
Sorry can't sent address as still no web presence only private at this stage.

Hi Mark, thanks for the info - I can use that on another issue I have, greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: Who's Online Script - Pin Alignment
« Last post by mcrossley on Today at 11:08:17 AM »
Not a lot wrong with that page?

I'd change #imageTint
 - remove the height attribute (or make it 100%)
 - reduce padding to 10px

Change #bottomInfo
 - reduce padding-top from 8px to 0px
Thank u very much's now working in the chromebooks.

For Sale / Re: Lightning detector "wanted"
« Last post by mihec on Today at 10:42:12 AM »
Thanks, I wish I had more time to work on the software part :(
Here are few outputs of today's night storm passing by the city. It was not passing over hence lower intensities. There were 79 strikes recorded.
WD Questions / WD Maximum Rain Rate
« Last post by westhillman on Today at 07:58:47 AM »
Having observed the behaviour of the Maximum Rain Rate in WD over some time, I have to say that it has only novelty value for much of the time. Here is a typical example. My rain gauge showed a 0.2mm tip at 0104h this morning followed by another 0.2mm at 0130h.  I have WD running on both my computers, one in server mode and the other in client mode.  Server mode WD decided that the Max Rain Rate was 34.29mm per hour at 0104h, whereas the Client mode WD (using the same data) decided that the Maximum rain rate was 11.74mm at 0211h, when the rain had become more persistent. I have included a screen shot of graph for clarity, but this behaviour of the Rain Rate in WD is entirely typical.
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