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WD Bug Reports / Re: JPEG error #54
« Last post by Yendor on Today at 06:09:13 PM »
Deleting the jpg files removed the error code but still no data being received by WD. Error log is empty. No change when I revert to a previous version.
I also have the same problem.

I have been using a piZero with a home brew station and would like to be able to add extra sensors using the datain38.ini file, but my las attempt at asking this question had no reply,63665.msg510788.html#msg510788

I have been running this station since Oct 2016 with no problems, would like to add extra sensors, but how? as a minimum would like another sensor for Temp/Hum in the Pollytunnel.
WD Questions / Re: going back to previous build
« Last post by willper on Today at 05:10:02 PM »

Did the update and I noticed that WD opened the datalogger window but did not gather any information.


Unchecking the altimeter/barometer settings fixed the datalogger issue. Everything is working now.

Thanks for all your help.

WD Feature Suggestions / Re: WS-1001 data direct to WD?
« Last post by Ruben Perez on Today at 04:50:48 PM »
Try it again.

I have rezip and copied again, but I have tested before and it for me...

WD Feature Suggestions / Re: WS-1001 data direct to WD?
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 04:44:43 PM »
I got an error when trying to unzip (mismatch on central size or something)
can you re zip and re upload?
WD Questions / Re: going back to previous build
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 04:40:50 PM »
The baro reading on the console and in WD are the same.
in build 81?
i.e does that mean its working, or?
(its not very clear)
maybe you have set to use altimeter barometer in the CWOP setup,,,unset that if you have
WD Questions / CWOP Question
« Last post by shuttle2020 on Today at 04:34:53 PM »
Hi. I am running WD 10.37S b41 with Windows 10. I am set up to broadcast my Davis Vantage Pro2 station readings over the CWOP network. I am always getting the display on the CWOP webpage to say for Rain 24hrs I have had .17 inches.  The .17 inches is always displayed. Attached is a picture. Thanks for the help as always.
WD Questions / OS wind speeds
« Last post by Bashy on Today at 04:18:18 PM »
Hi Brian, i am a little puzzled with regards to wind speeds on the OS 968 station

I am noticing that the OS misses many gusts, i.e. you know that its very gusty between the update
yet none of the decent gusts have recorded, is this an OS thing? i was under the impression that
in between the updates the data is stored then grabbed on the next update of the data, is this not so?

I spose this is more of a station question but i thought perhaps WD grabbed the data?

Perhaps i was either misinformed or read it wrong?
WD Questions / Re: going back to previous build
« Last post by zeppline on Today at 03:49:34 PM »
I had the same problem. I did the latest windoze update windows 7 pro and it changed my barometer setting very high. After resetting barometer to the right setting  everything is OK
Hi,then this could be the issue because in the block, the image is loaded by the browser, in the plugin, it is loaded by the server and if your server has some configuration that does not allow loading external sources like this, then this is a problem.

Ok. Thank you.
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