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WD Bug Reports / Re: Weather Display Not Responding
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 08:19:10 AM »
try restarting WD
(kill off the process first with windows task manager)
and then see if there is an error under view, program event log
but also if you have set WD to show a web cam image as an icon or similar then try deleting that web cam image file (when WD is not running)
WD Bug Reports / Re: Wind Speed error on WD every morning at 00:30
« Last post by rhansme on Today at 04:43:01 AM »
Darned Daylight Savings time..... #-o Thanks Brian! Cheers! Keep up the good work.
WD Questions / graph display options
« Last post by OBXGuy on Today at 01:48:35 AM »

I'm in the evaluation period of Weather Display.  My weather station is OS-200 with extra sensors.

Is it possible to create a "simple" display?  Ideally, I'd like a black background with 4 or 5 graph lines only, custom tags, and wind direction icons. The graphs I see are too busy - legends are way too intrusive.  And some of the graphs take up only a portion of the screen,I'd like the entire screen filled.

Can WD be customized to this level?


WD Questions / Davis Extra Temperature Sensor - Help Needed
« Last post by Dennis48755 on Today at 12:00:36 AM »

I have purchased the Davis 6372 VP2 Wireless Temperature Sensor ( temp only, no humidity) to display water temperature.

I can't seem to get it to work in WD. I have done the following...
- Control Panel, Station Type & Settings - Under Davis, I checked "I have extra temperature sensors".
- Control Panel, Units & Other Settings - Under "Temperature Setup, I entered the label "Water Temperature" in "Extra temperature label".
- View, Davis VP/Vue Extra Temp/Hum - For Sensor #1, I "Set the sensor name" to "Water Temperature" in the box there is the value 491.0 degrees F ???.

The clientraw file #20 (Extra Temp Sensor 1) has  a value of 6.1 degrees C = 43 degrees F, but it should be closer to 70 degrees F. And has the same value when the temperature probe is disconnected from the station.

Can someone please help me to get this to work, both getting the correct value in clientraw and for the Water Temperature display in the WD main window.


WD Bug Reports / Weather Display Not Responding
« Last post by farhomer on April 26, 2017, 11:19:25 PM »
I am using Weather Display v10.37S47. My weather station is a Davis Vantage Pro. My PC is a Lenovo Q190 running Windows 10. It uses a Celeron @1.6Ghz 64bit with 2GB RAM
It is only running Weather Display and has been running OK for several years with no problem.

Yesterday it stopped running with the message Not Responding.
When I restart the computer the Weather Display small blue popup displays and loads the program but freezes when the main screen is displayed with the Not responding message on the top line.
The data received box is grey and shows 0
The data quality box is red.
None of the data fields on the screen are populated.

When I checked the screen the next morning, the data fields are being populated and updated.
The data quality box is now green.
The "not responding message" is still displayed and I cannot access anything on the menu bar.
When I hover the mouse over the WD display the cursor changes to the blue windows rotating circle.
the next update of WD will fix those 2 bugs
No longer changing 'at any time' .. the new date is 19-Jun-2017 for cutover.  4th time the charm, I guess.

Meanwhile you can prepare for the change (and use the new advforecast2.php V5.01 script) by checking your Settings.php for $SITE['NWSforecasts']   = array( ... ); or if standalone, the $NWSforecasts = array( ... ); entries.

If they look like
Code: [Select]
  "VTZ007|Coles Pond Area|",
  "VTZ004|Island Pond VT|",
  "NHZ001|Pittsburg NH|",
  "VTZ007|St Johnsbury VT|",
  "VTZ017|Burlington VT|",
  "VTZ008|Montpelier VT|",
  "VTZ003|Newport VT|",

you should (while you can) convert them to MapClick.php URLS that have lat= and long= in them like

Code: [Select]
  "VTZ007|Coles Pond Area|",
  "VTZ004|Island Pond VT|",
  "NHZ001|Pittsburg NH|",
  "VTZ007|St Johnsbury VT|",
  "VTZ017|Burlington VT|",
  "VTZ008|Montpelier VT|",
  "VTZ003|Newport VT|",

The easy way to do this (while the current is up) is to:
1) copy the URL into the browser and remove the &TextType=2 from the end of the URL and press enter.
2) near the bottom of the page, right click on the "Printable Forecast" link and copy THAT URL to replace your URL in the list.  It will have lat=...&lon=... in it.
3) repeat for your entire list. then save the update to Settings.php (or the advforecast2.php script if standalone).

Then you'll be fully ready for the conversion of the site when it finishes.

Also, there is a small setting in advforecast2.php (JSON) V5.00 that controls what URLs are used for the clickable Alert and detail links.  It is currently set as
Code: [Select]
$useProdNWS = true; // =false, use preview V3 sites, =true, use production sites (after 24-Apr-2017)
which causes the detail alerts from and detail page links to
You might want to change it to
Code: [Select]
$useProdNWS = false; // =false, use preview V3 sites, =true, use production sites (after 24-Apr-2017)
to have the (working) alert details from and the (working) sites until the real conversion is finished. 
V5.01 changed the setting to $useProdNWS = false; (only change, except versioning) from 5.00.

I do notice that the site shows some alerts that are missing from the queries .. they appear to be using some internal scripting from a different source to extract the alerts (which appear the same on the current and for a particular point-forecast).

I hope they'll iron out the differences before the next cutover.. the api is to be the 'official' method of getting that data.

Impact to users of the advforecast2.php V5.X: some alerts may not be displayed on the page, but Curly's nws-alerts script (which uses should continue to display them in the sidebar of Saratoga USA sites. 

Fortunately, the site (used for all the JSON retrieval) has been stable during their fiddling with
WD Questions / Re: Custom Internet & File Creation AND Web Cam Image upload?
« Last post by winedog on April 26, 2017, 08:12:08 PM »
Your suggestion causes it upload every 10 minutes whereas I want to upload at 11 minutes past the hour every hour.

HOWEVER, I did what you suggested and it made me realize there is a bug with the Upload Hourly button

When you click Upload Hourly all the times that get injected are missing the ':' - I suspect that is why WD won't honor the times created using the Upload Hourly button.

Here you can see in my screenshot all the times that were added are missing the colon.  That explains why if I manually enter the times from the long selection list it was working.

Also, the Clear All button does not work for me at all.
Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: wxgraphs issue
« Last post by niko on April 26, 2017, 08:11:46 PM »
On IE / edge too?
Creating Weather Web Sites / Re: wxgraphs issue
« Last post by melliehaweather on April 26, 2017, 08:04:55 PM »
Thank you Niko and wvdkuil, that fixed it.
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