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Chatter / Re: Weather Undergroundís Next Frontier: Air Quality
« Last post by niko on Today at 01:58:38 AM »
For the DIY'ers, if you are interested in tinkering with this type of sensor a number of reasonably priced laser PM sensors suitable for this application can be found by searching ebay for "Plantower". Prices start around $20.

More info here.
Chatter / Re: Weather Undergroundís Next Frontier: Air Quality
« Last post by R_o_B on Today at 01:34:49 AM »
Brian, please do not be offended as my suggestion was just that, a suggestion, in order to improve and add some additional functionalities to the software 'cronairquality.exe'.

OK, here is why I suggest adding some options to the software 'cronairquality.exe'.

As you might be aware (or maybe not) the PurpleAir unit is made up of two identical particulate matter sensors (dual laser sensor - two sensors identified as PMSX003A and PMSX003B) - thus two slightly different data produced by the PourpleAir unit and uploaded to the Thingspeak cloud storage.

When the software 'cronairquality.exe' contact the PurpleAir unit (using for example the URL ''), it is accessing only the first sensor (of the dual laser sensor) on channel #1 (or sensor PMSX003A). Unfortunately, because of the poor technical support (communication) I have been having with the PurpleAir company, I do not know how to access directly (through the local URL) the second sensor (of the dual laser sensor) on channel #2 (or sensor PMSX003B).

Why, you may ask, is there a need to access the data of channel #2 when the data of channel #1 is perfectly usable. Well, two weeks ago, when my area was covered with thick smokes from the numerous provincial forest fires and the AQI levels were reaching the 'very unhealthy' level (AQI greater than 225), for some unknown reasons, channel #1 started reporting 9000 Ķg/m3 for all PM readings. It was not until I looked at the data of channel #2 that I realize I had a problem. After powering off the unit, blowing a bit of air into the unit (to clean it up) and powering the unit back on did I understand that I had to check both channels and not just rely on channel #1.

As it is now, the software 'cronairquality.exe' downloads only the data from channel #1 and produces the file 'airquality.txt'. If the data from channel #2 could be downloaded (that is a big 'IF' unless I or someone else eventually get some technical support from the PurpleAir company), then it would overwrite the file 'airquality.txt' and the data from channel #1 would be lost.

Having the data from both sensors (and comparing that the data is almost similar or less than the maximum AQI) would make the PurpleAir unit very reliable.

Thus my suggestion that some flexibility (such as being able to create a data file using a different name) be added to the software 'cronairquality.exe'. That would also allow the software 'cronairquality.exe' to contact the Thingspeak cloud storage using, for example, the URL '' and download, in one JSON file, the data of the PM2.5 for channel #1 and channel #2.

Brian, please do not be upset if I suggest to identify the PurpleAir unit as one word (and not as purple air).

Finally, you indicated that:
what I have added currently (and a bit more) is now in the latest full install
Will that be available also in the updated ZIP version?

Brian, once again, I really appreciate the time and work you have put into the integration of the PurpleAir data into Weather Display - thenk you very much.
WD Questions / Data quality red
« Last post by oreokid on Today at 01:10:49 AM »
I am still having issues with FTP (which i am working on), but now over the weekend, I stopped receiving data.  I have rebooted the computer, reinstalled WD 10.37S56.  Data received is blinking green, but stead red on quality.  I unplugged my USB data logger from my VP2 console and then plugged it back in.. same thing.  Display on the VP2 is fine, just can't get the data to my computer.

Here is the debug info:

Doing checking of time zone calculation
Daylight saving in use
Loaded all time records
connected OK to com port 7
restarting timer
connected OK to com port 7
*sending DMPAFT
Asking for archived data download
Davis VP Retrieving data from: day 20 month 8 year 2017
Retrieving data from: hour 20 minute 0
ask for time/date of record...
1 6 1
1 1 2
1 0 3
1 0 4
1 0 5
1 118 6
1 180 7
Sending OK...
************formating data*********
Time :20:30
Date :20/08/2017
************formating data*********
Time :21:00
Date :20/08/2017
************formating data*********
Time :13:24
Date :03/08/2017
gauge at max
All data downloaded or did not sync correct!
formating the VP data
vp data read in 1
Weather station type number 31

connected OK to com port 7
connected OK to com port 7
connected OK to com port 7
connected OK to com port 7

Weather Display for Mac / Re: ODD time intervals on main WD Page
« Last post by DeputyDawg on Today at 12:48:38 AM »
Looks like it was the AppNap.... Since changing that it seems to be doing much better
WD Questions / Re: Real time client
« Last post by ALITTLEweird1 on Today at 12:11:41 AM »
Over 24 hours and no issues. Thanks again.
WD Bug Reports / Re: WD update failure
« Last post by Terry on August 20, 2017, 11:32:08 PM »
Yup did that, I'm down on my weather site till I fix this, or junk everything and just tell people to look out their window.(sorry getting a bit frustrated)

The big question is why does it work on the second WD program downloaded to a second folder, I get the nag screen about registering and don't have any settings or data history, but it works without the entry point error coming up.

And I can't find anything that may be causing it, the 10.37S Build 47 program worked fine on this machine, unfortunately I can't go back to that program or I would not be here posting.(did an update on a wim)
WD Questions / Re: Homemade Night Sky Cloud detector
« Last post by Zalmor on August 20, 2017, 11:16:24 PM »
the first number is the outdoor temperature
the second number is the temperature reading (C) of sensor used for the night time cloud reading

so that looks like a problem
The 'home cloud compare' only shows up in the debug view during the night hours right?
Did a check around 7:00 pm and the 'home cloud compare' line didn't show up in the program debug info window at that time yet.
Sunset tonight is 8:00 pm
WD Bug Reports / Re: Realtime FTP and ftpupd problems
« Last post by Weather Display on August 20, 2017, 10:33:40 PM »
they could be blocking it at their end without even realising
or it could be at your end, e.g your firewall blocking the transfer (or antivirus program or similar)
WD Questions / Re: Evapotranspiration
« Last post by Weather Display on August 20, 2017, 09:53:27 PM »
WD calculates the ET normally from stations that provide solar data
it should at least be doing that
I will see if I can figure out why it is not when I have a spare minute

I currently do not have it where the ET value is requested or used from the weather hawk dll input
WD Bug Reports / Re: Realtime FTP and ftpupd problems
« Last post by rh205 on August 20, 2017, 09:34:15 PM »
Hi Brian,

I've just tried passive mode but it gave the same result:

227 Entering Passive Mode (91,222,9,10,121,19)
STOR customclientraw.txt
150 Accepted data connection
301: Interrupted.
FTP Uploading C:\wdisplay\webfiles\clientraw.txttemp - >clientraw.txt
500 Unknown command
141: FTP protocol error: 500 Unknown command

However in passive mode it seems to show more clearly that the problem is at their end by the fact that the server appears to accept the connection but then times out as shown by the following lines:

150 Accepted data connection
301: Interrupted.

I've also tried SFTP using port 22 but it just says 'connection refused' so I suspect that it's not enabled on my account.

I'll get onto them in the morning with the log files as it's clear that it's not WD, my computer or broadband at fault.

Many Thanks,

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