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Chatter / Re: New up and coming weather station, 'Weather Flow'
« Last post by hankster on Today at 09:02:04 PM »
I should be getting an Air unit is a couple days. I'll report back with how well WD does with it.
WD Questions / Re: Daily NOAA Report has Stopped Writing
« Last post by Rickadman2 on Today at 07:12:57 PM »
Yeah, I restarted WD twice over the last couple of days.
Nothing in the error log.

WD for Linux / New download links for the Linux versions of WD:
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 07:07:02 PM »

(linked from the main download page)
WD for Linux / Re: WD for Linux on a x64 bit system
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 06:57:12 PM »
I now have a new version of WD linux for 64 bit
check out the download page

All upgraded to the latest version.

more improvements, and added support for weather flow station (also meteotemplate is supported)
WD Questions / Re: Daily NOAA Report has Stopped Writing
« Last post by Martyn on Today at 05:26:17 PM »
Have you tried restarting WD and then see if the file is ok the next day (after 12:11 am)?
Any errors in the program error log for that time of day?
WD Questions / Daily NOAA Report has Stopped Writing
« Last post by Rickadman2 on Today at 12:16:16 PM »
The last entry on "dailynoaareport102017" is from 10/15.

How do I get that file to start populating again?


Brian (U),

Where does the template get the new air quality data from? Just wondering whether to upgrade, but think my nearest AQI station is about 10 miles away which will probably be totally different.


forever answered your question and unless you have a nearby station its not really relevant to your location , im fortunate one is at less than a km two others in 5km range line of sight .

i would upgrade anyway there a host of newer scripts and much smoother design that has been added over the version your using.

1.better moonphase script very slim small piece of code .
2.earthquake module slimmer code and smoother design
3.additional wind icons added in to forecast areas
4.better meteor shower slimmer code smoother appearance
5.charts the code is now 25% slimmer and ready for mysql
6.lots of unwanted code removed that gets added over time and becomes unused for numerous reasons
7.overall a better user experience , better performance overall
8.api use only no direct website scraping which can really impact the performance of your site.
9.php 7.2 ready and reguarly crossed checked with beta releases
10.Upcoming Firefox Quantum browser fixed a few niggling css quirks (Quantum is an awesome browser makes chrome feel ever more like internet explorer..i.e not bloated)
11.homepage is less than 500k loaded and on average depending on what options are loaded up its less 300 lines of code !!

performance matters in many ways :-)  its not about quantity its about quality :-)

for example the windirection svg icon is actually just one image which is rotated accordingly via css  (transform: rotate(xxdeg);) so instead loading up multiple images for directions we just load one and rotate it so the same svg icon is used for the average direction and the 3 day forecast on the main page . you may be suprised there are very few images loaded at all most it is css/jquery and what images are loaded are minimal at best less than 1kb at worst 3kb i could make them smaller in file size but its a marginal performance boost over loss of quality . no png,gifs,jpg etc are loaded up..result is better loading less image loading time and using svg offers better scaling up or down no jagged or distorted edges :-)

the list can go on but always main emphasis has been user experience same approach as ever the non enthusiasts will generally understand what there looking at and the station enthusiast will see what data is churning out from there weather station..

as for the weather display API reference it will not happen till november sometime at the earliest im away for a break next week for sometime so i will endeavour to get it done and work with Brian when I come back..

have a nice day..brian..
WD Questions / Re: Interface Homebrew Station to Weather Display
« Last post by Weather Display on Today at 02:47:10 AM »
another way is via uni the datain.ini file
check the universal.txt file for more info
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