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Support this site by buying from Amazon
« on: December 24, 2004, 11:13:50 PM »
This site is provided as a free resource for Weather Display users and weather enthusiasts. That's not going to change, so don't panic!

The site costs me a fair bit to keep running, but I treat that as part of the education and learning process associated with my job (in IT), so I'm happy to keep learning by keeping things running. Various people have helped out and are still helping out doing things like moderating parts of the forum, writing and publishing FAQs, creating graphics for the site, etc. I'm very grateful for all of this assistance :D

I now have another way that you can help to support the site and forum without it costing you a penny. If you ever buy anything from or, just buy it through the links provided below (or from the main site). As an associate at and I now get a (small) percentage of the purchase price for each item you buy via a link from this site. I'm not asking you to buy anything from Amazon that you wouldn't buy anyway, but if you're going to buy something just remember to access Amazon via the links I've provided. The books, videos, DVDs, etc won't cost you anything more, so other than having to visit here to find the links to the Amazon web site it's quite a painless and free way to support the site/forum.

Click on the links to buy from: : :

If you want to buy weather books, videos or DVDs, visit the 'Buy From Amazon' links on I get a slightly higher percentage of the purchase price if you buy something listed on the site!

I nearly forgot. I hope you and your families have a very happy Christmas  :x-mas: :reindeer: :santa:
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