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Author Topic: How to report problems/bugs with MesoMap Live (MML)  (Read 182199 times)

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How to report problems/bugs with MesoMap Live (MML)
« on: September 03, 2006, 10:28:44 PM »
If you are having problems or would like to report a bug with MesoMap Live (MML), please use the Weather-Watch Bug Tracker. This should now be used for all MML related problems, i.e. whether they are with the MML Management Centre, MML licences or subscriptions, the full MML client or the WDL-MML/MML-Lite client built into WDL, or any problems with MML data collection from your weather station. Reporting problems using the Bug Tracker will allow us to handle them more effectively and also pass them into the MML development and beta testing projects if required.

Click this link to register a bug in the Weather-Watch Bug Tracker.

Click this link to review/update issues in the Weather-Watch Bug Tracker.

As long as you are logged into the Weather-Watch Forum you won't need to log in to the Bug Tracker, your forum login details will be copied across to it and you will then be automatically logged in. If you normally stay logged into the forum for longer than a day, you will need to log out of the Forum and log back in again to ensure that the Bug Tracker information for your account is correctly set up.

When you click on the link you will be prompted to select a project. Select "MesoMap Live" and then fill in the details of the problem on the displayed form. Tell us as much as possible about your problem to help us to resolve it as quickly as possible. After logging a problem, the system will email various people to let them know that a new problem needs to be addressed. You will receive emails about the problem as it moves through the resolution process. You can also add further notes to the problem whilst it is being processed if you find out more details that might help us solve it.

Please continue to discuss MML usage, configuration tips and ask questions in the MesoMap Live Discussions/Questions board, but please don't report any problems in there from now on.

Thank you for your assistance with this move of problem reporting from the forum to a dedicated problem tracking system.
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